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Carpet Cleaning
On the Spot uses the hot water extraction method (sometimes referred to as "steam cleaning") for cleaning carpets, the method
recommended by most carpet manufacturers.  Due to the powerful suction created by my truck-mounted cleaning system, very little
water remains in the carpet after the cleaning process.  Depending on humidity levels during cleaning, the carpets are usually dry within
2 hours and are actually dry enough to walk on with clean socks immediately after cleaning.  

If you have a situation where you need (or simply want) to have your carpet dry even faster, we can accommodate.  Using special
cleaning techniques, we can get most carpets dry in under one hour.  Please call for details.

Also, the water used contains a rinse agent that neutralizes any detergents used in the cleaning process so no soapy residue remains
in the carpeting after cleaning.  This is important as some cleaning methods can leave a residue behind after cleaning which can lead
to rapid re-soiling of the carpet.  Here are a few before & after photos:
Now that I'm in my seventh year of business, I don't
clean apartments very often and have "graduated" to
cleaning mostly high-end homes.  Here are a few
pictures of some really bad carpets I restored to a
like-new condition.  

you would never allow your carpets to
reach this condition, but these photos demonstrate
the capabilities of my cleaning system.  The one at
the bottom really takes the cake.  I have no idea what
occurred here, but the property manager was
at the miraculous restoration that saved him the
expense of having the carpet replaced.  

This would be a good place to point out that all
equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each job to
avoid cross-contamination.  Also, my cleaning
system directs all of the dirty waste water outside to a
large holding tank in my cargo van.  This means that
no dirty, smelly waste water ever enters your home.