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                                        Water Damage Restoration

As a homeowner in Central Illinois, you may at some point face the unpleasant experience of having a flooded
basement.  Sump pumps can loose power during a thunderstorm or simply be overwhelmed by heavy rainfall.  
Windows can leak and pipes can burst in frigid weather.  What seemed like just a small trickle from the broken
water line on your refrigerator's ice maker can create a large mess.  If not handled properly, this large mess can
become much worse.  Fortunately, both the inconvenience and potential for subsequent damage can be minimized
by calling the right company.

There are many ordinary carpet cleaners who hold themselves out as being some type of water damage restoration
experts.  If your home incurs water damage, it is important that the problem be corrected by a professional with
equipment and training that is
specific to water damage restoration.  

On the Spot has the proper equipment and training to efficiently and effectively dry flooded basements. Using
powerful truck-mounted equipment, the water is extracted from the carpet and pad.  Next, industrial grade structural
drying equipment is utilized to dry the baseboards, wall cavities, drywall and other affected items.  

This powerful, specialized equipment is critical to successfully returning affected materials to their pre-loss
condition.  Finally, moisture meters are used to gauge the dryness of affected materials and the progress of the
drying job.  Throughout the this process, the homeowner is continually updated as to the progress being made.